Centerpieces are the accent pieces that appear in the middle of the tables at weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, parties, and commercial events. They are designed to draw attention and make a statement.

It’s unquestionable, Table Centerpieces are important! It helps set the theme of the event and bring an air of festive elegance to your event’s ambiance. We have a wonderful selection of centerpieces to choose from to suit a variety of themes and styles. 


Tall Feather Arrangements


Tall Gold Stands

Tall Glass Candle Holders.jpg

Tall Glass Candle Holders

White ceramic Vases.jpg

White Ceramic Vase

centerpieces 1.jpg

Round Wooden Bases

Gold Candle Stick Holders.png

Gold Candle Sticks

Mirror Bases.jpg

Mirror Bases

Gold Circle Stand.jpg

Gold Circle Stand


Floating Flowers

Tall Artificial Floral Arrangements.jpg

Large Artificial Florals

Tall Silover Stands.jpg

Tall Silver Stands

artificial floral arrangement.jpg

Low Artificial Florals


Gold Pillar Candle Holders

Bud Vases.jpg

Bud Vases

Clear Cylinders.jpg

Clear Glass Cylinders


Glass Trumpet Vase