Whether you are planning a wedding, party, charity event or corporate event we have furniture to suit your needs. With a beautiful selection of chairs, tables, lounges, bars, ottomans and cushions we have something to suit all themes that will accommodate everyone's comfort and mobility. 

Black Bobby Bar Stool.jpg

Black Bobby Stool

Black Sienna Wire Stool.jpg

Black Sienna Stool

White Tiffany Chair.jpg

White Tiffany Chair

Black Sofa.jpg

Black 2-seater Lounge

White Ottoman.jpg

White Ottomon

White Tolix High Bar - Rectangle.jpg

White 6-seater High Bar

Black Wooden High Bar Table.jpg

Black 6-seater High Bar

White Steal Coffee Table.jpg

Large Metal Coffee Table

drink trolley.jpg

Gold Drink Trolley

White Tolix Stool.jpg

White Tolix Stool

red uni stool.jpg

Red Uni Stool

Gold Tiffany Chair.jpg

Gold Tiffany Chair

White 2.5 Seater Barcelona Lounge.jpg

White 2.5 Seater Barcelona


Vintage Chaise

White Tolix Dining Table  - Rectangle.jpg

White Dining Table


Red High Bar Table

Small Metal Coffee Table.jpg

Small Metal Coffee Table

Black Tolix Stool.jpg

Black Tolix Stool

White Sienna Dining Chair.jpg

White Sienna Dining Chair

provincial chair.jpg

Provincial Chair

White Single Seater Barcelona Lounge.jpg

White 1 Seater Barcelona


Red Velvet Chaise

White Low Bar Table Wooden.jpg

White Coffee Table

White Wire Coffee Table.jpg

White Wire Coffee Table


Gold Coffee Table

White Sienna Wire Stool.jpg

White Sienna Stool

White Bentwood Chair.jpg

White Bentwood Chair

Black Sofa 1.jpg

Black 3-seater Lounge

Blue Suede Sofa.jpg

Blue Sofa

White Tolix High Bar - Sqaure.jpg

White 4-seater High Bar

Black Tolix High Bar - Square.jpg

Black 4-seater High Bar

Black Glass Coffee Table

White Signing Table.jpg

White Signing Table